Random Thought of the Day: Uniform Edition


I’ve never really cared much about uniforms. I know you’re thinking that that’s super weird because I’m a girl and the only thing most girls care about in sports is the uniforms (and how the players’ ass looks in them). But, that’s changed since I’ve been with my boyfriend, who’s a uni fiend. I’ve been thinking a lot about the O’s uniforms and whether I like them or not. My answer: they could be a lot better.

By the way, the only reason I’m even wasting my time writing about this is because the Orioles are basically complete shit right now so I can’t write about them playing so I’ll write about their outfits!

Anyways, they have the standard white for home and gray for away with (finally) the Baltimore script across the front instead of the gay Orioles script across. Then, there’s the black alternative jerseys that they wear every Friday night and continue to wear if they win on Friday night until they lose again (this has happened in the past few seasons because of how awful they’ve been so they have to try anything they can and I’m all for superstitions). I like the black but I’d like something even better.

ORANGE JERSEYS. Yep, that’s right. Freaking orange jerseys. You’re excited just reading about it aren’t you? You should be because it would be awesome. Here’s an example of what it would look like:

I took the liberty of choosing Aubrey Huff’s San Francisco Giants orange jersey so you could get a feel for the orange jersey with an ex-Oriole’s number on the back (too bad they’re too good to have the last names on the jerseys as well). Side note: Congrats to Huffdaddy for getting traded at the perfect time to a good team and for now having a World Series ring. He’ll always be one of my favorite players.

Anyways, you guys are peeing your pants in excitement over this orange jersey aren’t you? Picture Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, All Star Wheaties, and blackest-man-I’ve-ever-seen Felix Pie in ORANGE! I mean, the fans wear orange T-shirt jerseys to the games everyday so why shouldn’t the players wear them too?