Who are the only Orioles players to hit 30 home runs and score 100 runs in a season?

Orioles rookie Gunnar Henderson could join a very exclusive club this season.
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Rafael Palmeiro

1996 was a good year for this club as Rafael Palmeiro also joined it thanks to his 39 homers and 110 runs scored. Palmeiro had two different stints with the Orioles in his career, but his five year run with the team from 1994-1998 was particularly good as he averaged a .916 OPS. Unfortunately, his legacy is tainted as Palmeiro failed a test for PEDs in 2005 and has been kept out of Cooperstown as a result.

Albert Belle

Albert Belle may not have been an overly pleasant human being, there is no denying that he was one of the most dangerous hitters from his era. Belle only played a couple of seasons for the Orioles before a degenerative hip condition forced him to retire, but his 1999 season where he hit 37 homers and scored 108 runs was the fourth time Belle hit the threshold in his career although it was the only time he did it in an Orioles uniform.

Miguel Tejada

Another career tainted by PED usage here is Miguel Tejada who had 34 homers and 107 runs during his 2004 season. Tejada also drove in 150 runs that season which is a wild number to be sure, but his frequently rumored connections to steroid/PED usage including being charged with lying to Congress about it colors any look back at his fairly accomplished career.

Trey Mancini

Finally, we come to the most recent Oriole to hit 30 homers and score 100 runs in a season in Trey Mancini. Mancini pulled the trick off in 2019 and appeared to be a star in the making. Unfortunately, Mancini was diagnosed with colon cancer and missed the 2020 receiving treatment for it. He beat the odds and made his return to the majors, but he hasn't been the same player he was since coming back.

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