What is Orioles' new upgraded home run celebration for 2024?

The Orioles have a new home run celebration and it is absolutely fantastic.
Baltimore Orioles v Pittsburgh Pirates
Baltimore Orioles v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin Berl/GettyImages

One of the more fun developments in recent years across baseball is the widespread adoption of creative dugout celebrations after a home run or a big play. The Mariners have their trident, the Nationals have their powder wig, the Pirates have their sword -- as did the Braves when Guillermo Heredia was with the team. However, the Baltimore Orioles did not have anything quite so distinctive until very recently.

It is hard to breakthrough in the celebration game, but the Orioles may have come up with the best one of them all thanks to a modified beer bong that has been dubbed the Homer Hydration Station. It's a significant upgrade on 2023's version, allowing for more versatility and consumption of ... water. Yes, water.

Orioles unveil hilarious new home run celebration in Homer Hydration Station

The premise with the celebration is simple: a player hits a home run or presumably scores on a home run, they take a drink from the hydration station. However, it is the execution that is true art here. No Gatorade cooler shenanigans or chalices here. Instead, the Orioles have channeled their inner college frat boy and instead are using an aggressively branded octopus-looking beer funnel for the celebration with carefully placed decals.

First, we can all agree that this would be objectively more hilarious if they were actually shotgunning beers in this thing, but that would also be a bad idea if they want to be safe and, you know, actually win baseball games. For those that think that this is brand new device, it is decidedly not, and there are models readily available on Amazon (albeit not Orioles-themed, so there is room for the team or ambitious entrepreneurs out there that can get trademark permission).

All of this is in good fun and fits right in with the current incarnation of the Orioles, a young, exciting team that fans are excited to come watch play, win or lose. Right now, the celebration has been fairly tame and it will be interesting to see if they find a way to make it a more raucous affair. That said, it is a mortal lock that the Homer Hydration Station is going to be used for more than water once big postseason wins start happening.

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