These Orioles trade packages could've been a perfect match for Dylan Cease

Some ideas for a hypothetical Cease trade.

Chicago White Sox Workout
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Another domino fell in MLB's landscape on Wednesday night. After months of speculation, the Chicago White Sox traded their best pitcher, right-handed ace Dylan Cease, to the San Diego Padres for RHP Drew Thorpe (MLB No. 88 prospect), OF Samuel Zavala (Padres No. 7 prospect), RHP Jairo Iriarte (Padres No. 8 prospect) and RHP Steven Wilson.

But, in an alternate universe, if Baltimore pursued him hard enough, could they have gotten a deal done with the SouthSiders? Do you have an ideal package in mind for No. 84? Well, we tried to replicate the Padres offer with Orioles' prospects to make some similar deals.

For clarity, like the Burnes trade, we'll use trade simulator from Baseball Trade Values to get some ideas under their valuation about the players (median value) for the sake of this exercise.

Without further ado, let's start:

Package No. 1: Dylan Cease for Heston Kjerstad + Connor Norby/Dylan Beavers + Ramon Urias

Cease had a valuation of 42.4, according to the simulator. That represented the third-highest value on the current White Sox team behind Luis Robert and Colson Montgomery. The Orioles package created above had a value of 43.20, and has some clear similarities to the deal the Padres ultimately made.

Firstly, it includes two top 10 prospects from the Orioles' top 30 with one of them, Kjerstad, in MLB's overall top 100 (No. 32). Unlike the Padres' prospects, Kjerstad has a little MLB experience. The Padres' trio didn't play higher than Double-A in MiLB. Advantage Kjerstad, who could contribute immediately in majors.

Secondly, one of Norby or Beavers could have a road block to reach the majors from within the Orioles' system. Remember, the Orioles have the best farm system in MLB since mid-2021. With some studs like Jackson Holliday, Jordan Westburg, Colton Cowser and Enrique Bradfield Jr. still in front of this duo, the path to the show could be hard. One of them could be in the package, not both.

Finally, a veteran. With some new faces fighting for a spot on Opening Day roster, one could be dealt. Urias is a utility infielder who could be a throw-in to complete the deal.

Do I pull the trigger? No, I don't. I see Kjerstad with upside to contribute in Baltimore. If he's not included, this price will be more expensive.

Package No. 2: Dylan Cease for Coby Mayo + Maikol Hernandez/Keegan Akin

Per BTV, Coby Mayo is more valuable than Cease. This could be a one-for-one deal. But, for the sake of this exercise (and not taking the trade value simulator dogmatically), I put another throw-in to complete this haul.

Do I pull the trigger? Absolutely not. Coby Mayo (MLB No. 30 prospect) is on the verge of an MLB debut in 2024. He crushes baseballs and I don't think he'll be included in a package like this. I think he would be dangled, if at all, for first-tier players who could be dealt at the trade deadline and/or the next offseason.

Maikol Hernandez is a potential 'FCL lottery ticket' Baltimore could add; he was assigned in 2021 and spent his past three seasons in Rookie Ball. Maybe a change of scenery could be beneficial for him, but with Mayo, no chance.

Birdland, do you pull the trigger for anyone of these packages? Some ideas for other deals?