Proposed Orioles trade package for Garrett Crochet may be just crazy enough to work

The Orioles need a starter and Garrett Crochet could be a great fit at the deadline, albeit with some important caveats.
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Given the season-ending injuries first to John Means and now to Kyle Bradish, the Baltimore Orioles' need to acquire at least one starting pitcher at the trade deadline has never been more pronounced. Even before it was known that Means and Bradish were going to be out, the Orioles' rotation depth was very questionable ,and Baltimore adding a starter was a good idea. Now, it feels like a necessity.

Looking ahead to the pitching trade market at the deadline, the hottest name without question is White Sox starter Garrett Crochet. While Crochet didn't pitch much the previous couple of years as he was recovering from Tommy John surgery, the electric lefty is having a tremendous 2024 season, and may have the highest ceiling of any of the pitchers that are likely to be available at the trade deadline.

Crochet does come with a lengthy list of pros and cons, but one proposed trade package for Crochet that has been floated by a...questionable source could actually be crazy enough to work for the Orioles.

Baltimore would have to really pay up to land Garrett Crochet at the trade deadline (despite the risks)

The hypothetical trade package from the Orioles comes from MLBExecutiveBurner who, at times, hasn't been the most accurate source of intel. However, in this case, they are simply throwing an idea out there instead of actually reporting something, and that "something" is a package that would send top Orioles prospects Coby Mayo and Enrique Bradfield Jr. to Chicago in exchange for Crochet.

Now, this is a high price to be sure, as both Mayo and Bradfield Jr. are very well-regarded prospects in the Orioles' farm system. Mayo in particular is beloved by Baltimore fans, given his upside at the plate, and his presence allows fans to dream of a day when Ramon Urías stops receiving consistent playing time. However, Crochet's swing and miss stuff and all-around upside on the mound, combined with his multiple years of team control, aren't going to come cheap. At some point, Baltimore is just going to have to trade some of these prospect bats for help elsewhere.

That said, this feels like it should be close to the max that the Orioles should give up for Crochet. Throwing in a couple lower-level lottery tickets would be fine, but Crochet comes with some real question marks that should limit the cost to acquire him. Not only was he recently hurt and embodies the profile of a power pitcher who could blow his arm out again, but Crochet will need his innings limited this year; he barely threw last year and missed the entire 2022 season. For a Baltimore team that needs a reliable source of innings, Crochet may not be the best fit down the stretch, especially at an exorbitant price tag.

With Crochet's market growing by the day -- including the Padres and Dodgers, who could be extra motivated at the deadline -- we'll know soon enough just how involved Baltimore will be in talks. They certainly have the prospects to get a deal done, but how good of an idea that would be is very debatable.

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