Orioles vs Angels weather update for Opening Day: Rain, rain, go away

Here is the latest weather update on the Orioles' Opening Day matchup with the Angels.
Division Series - Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles - Game One
Division Series - Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles - Game One / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

Opening Day is among the best days of the year for all baseball fans, but it may be especially true for the Baltimore Orioles. They are coming off a 2023 season where they won 101 games and captured the American League East. In fact, they may actually be better in 2024 after trading for Corbin Burnes and with all of their young talent having more experience under their belts.

Unfortunately, there is a very real chance that the first game of the season may end up delayed (or postponed if thins take a turn) as the weather in the Baltimore area isn't exactly cooperating at the moment.

Will there be a rain delay on Opening Day for the Orioles and Angels?

The short answer here is: maybe. Right now, things are very damp in the Baltimore area and the most recent forecasts show a real chance of light rain around the time of first pitch at 3:05 PM EST. The good news is that it doesn't look like the rain is going to be heavy, and even if the showers linger for a while, the Orioles and Angels should still be able to get the game in even if there is a delay.

One things to keep in mind here is that the weather isn't the only thing that matters. If there is a decent amount of rain leading up to first pitch on Opening Day, the grounds crew will need time to get the field in playable shape. That means getting rid of standing water and ensuring the infield isn't a pit of mud.

Baltimore has had plenty of time to prepare for this and the odds are still very good that the game will happen, but don't be shocked if fans may have to wait around for a little while for the festivities to get started.

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