Orioles team store trolls Yankees announcer Michael Kay with perfect item

The Orioles didn't waste the golden opportunity that the Yankees announcer served up to them on Monday.
2009 New York Yankees World Series Victory Parade
2009 New York Yankees World Series Victory Parade / Bobby Bank/GettyImages

As much as they hate to admit it, everyone loves a good troll job in the world of sports. There is a fine line between trolling and being a total jerk, but it is delightful when that line is navigated deftly. Luckily, there is at least one Baltimore Orioles employee that seems to be up to the task.

During the Orioles' matchup with the Yankees on Monday, New York announcer Michael Kay got put on blast for his call of an Oswaldo Cabrera fly out when he said that the ball would have tied the game three years ago. This, of course, was the Yankees' announcer complaining about the Orioles famously pushing back the fence at Camden Yards after the 2021 season. According to Kay, every team should have a place where teams can hit cheap home runs like they can at Yankee Stadium, apparently.

However, an enterprising member for the Orioles' game-used authentic store decided that the moment deserved a chance to be immortalized while also trolling the Yankees in the process. The team chose to sell the ball from Cabrera's out, with a truly exquisite description.

Orioles' game-used store expertly trolls Michael Kay and the Yankees

For those hoping to snag this gem, we must bear bad news as the ball was snatched up almost immediately. This image spread like wildfire across social media, and given the ball's very reasonable price tag of $50 and popularity, there was next to no shot that it was ever going to last very long. To the fan that purchased it, we salute you.

This whole saga is also indicative of the increasing prominence of the Orioles-Yankees rivalry which, until recently, was very one-sided. Now that the Orioles are true contenders again, it is a whole lot easier to troll the Yankees and their fans now that the team can back up the smack talk instead of weeping into a pillow at night wondering when Baltimore's suffering would end.

Yes, the Yankees have a roster with household names on both sides of the ball, and they will always get more attention than the Orioles, even when it isn't deserved. However, this is a brand new Orioles organization, and it sure looks like they aren't pulling their punches anymore.

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