Orioles Rumors: Baltimore's biggest rival for Marlins closer may be AL East rival

Baltimore is already connected to one of the best relievers on the trade market, but they are far from alone in that pursuit.
Miami Marlins v San Diego Padres
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All things considered, the Baltimore Orioles are in great shape at the moment. While the Yankees have (mostly) refused to lose through the first couple of months of the season, the Orioles have held up their end of the bargain with a 47-24 record and are just 1.5 games back of those pesky New Yorkers.

However, that doesn't mean Baltimore doesn't have room to improve. With the news that starter Kyle Bradish was headed to the injured list with more elbow troubles, there is going to be a renewed urgency for the Orioles to add a starter at the trade deadline. However, the easiest move that Baltimore absolutely needs to make is adding some bullpen depth.

While the Orioles bullpen hasn't been bad, every single contender should want to add a fresh arm or two down the stretch. When you combine that with the fact that banking on Craig Kimbrel (who is not a young man) being lights out the rest of the way isn't a great idea and the reality that Danny Coulombe is on the IL, adding some bullpen help at the deadline is basically a must.

Fortunately, it does appear as though the front office is well aware of this fact as the early trade rumor mill has the Orioles connected to Marlins closer Tanner Scott, although the Yankees appear primed to be one of Baltimore's chief opposing bidders for his services.

Baltimore could be competing with Yankees for Tanner Scott at the trade deadline

But will Scott be available and is he an upgrade? Well, Scott plays for the Marlins which means it is an automatic "yes" in terms of availability as they would trade their own grandmothers for payroll relief. Scott also is an expiring contract reliever who has posted a 1.93 ERA in 27 appearances this season and was good last year too. It doesn't hurt that the Orioles are familiar with him from his time with the team from 2017-2021.

The problem, as is often the case, could end up being price. While one would think that half-year of team control for a reliever wouldn't command a massive haul, Scott is going to be a very popular name as the deadline approaches and he could command more of a premium given the demand for bullpen help. Complicating matters, the Yankees certainly aren't going to let the Orioles get a bargain for Scott without a fight, especially since Scott is making a modest $5.7 million this season.

Stay tuned, folks, as it looks like there could be an old-fashioned bidding war between the two AL East rivals before the dust finally settles.

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