Orioles prospect Jackson Holliday exploits Bo Bichette's lazy throw with pure hustle

Baltimore Orioles v Philadelphia Phillies
Baltimore Orioles v Philadelphia Phillies / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

Jackson Holliday keeps making headlines for all the right reasons.

During Tuesday's Grapefruit League game in Dunedin against the Toronto Blue Jays, the Orioles' top prospect and projected starting second baseman made two incredible plays. On both plays, Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Bo Bichette, who is a star in his own right, was left looking a bit silly.

Holliday, who is leading off in Tuesday's game, scaled a 3-2 pitch from Blue Jays right-hander Chris Bassitt up the middle. However, Bichette was playing Holliday perfectly and fielded the ball cleanly. Dang. Opportunity missed. Or...?

Unfortunately for the Jays, Bichette took for granted that Holliday would not be hustling down to first for a hit, and noodle-armed the throw to first after taking his sweet time on the gather. And wouldn't you know it, Holliday turned a routine ground ball to short into an infield single. Holliday 1, Bichette 0.

Orioles top prospect Jackson Holliday's hustle overwhelms Blue Jays' Bo Bichette

It's a tough look for Bichette, who's still just 26 years old and seeking a long-term deal, whether in Toronto or elsewhere. The AL East appears to be a bear yet again, and while the Blue Jays were deemed the "Baby Birds" at the beginning of their recent run of form, they've yet to make it out of the postseason's first round. Now, the O's have jockeyed past Toronto, and with players like Holliday on the horizon, they're only getting stronger (and trying harder in "meaningless games," it would seem).

Then, after pantsing Bichette by sprinting down the line, it was Holliday's turn in the field. Bichette led off the bottom of the third and groudned a ball towards the middle, seemingly headed for center field. But Holliday backhanded the ball and made an impressive jump throw to first to get Bichette, who was jogging down the line. Holliday 2, Bichette 0.

How. Do you do that. Again?!

Perhaps this is just highlighting the difference between a player who is fighting tooth and nail to make the team (Holliday) versus a player who is already established as one of Toronto's best players. Either way, it is great to see, and reminds us of the outstanding battles we should see between Holliday's O's and Bichette's Jays over the years to come.