Orioles make sneaky smart waiver claim for a familiar face

Baltimore just went out and brought back a guy that they traded for and DFAed already this offseason.

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One sign that an organization is well-run is how they handle the fringes of their roster. Every single team has roster moves that they have to make, but it is how teams choose the guys that they move off the roster and manage their depth that separates the best teams from the rest. The Baltimore Orioles made such a move recently that bodes really well for the franchise going forward.

Earlier this offseason, the Orioles sent cash to the Marlins in order to acquire Peyton Burdick. Burdick's limited time in the big leagues has been pretty uninspiring, but he had a strong start to his season in Triple-A before Miami called him up. Little more than a depth outfielder that can hit for power, the move flew under the radar.

What happened next is particular interesting, though. The Orioles designated Burdick for assignment just a few days after they acquired him and the White Sox claimed him off of waivers. A month later, Chicago also decided to put him on waivers and the Orioles snatched Burdick up yet again, with no need to clear a roster spot.

Orioles News: Baltimore brings back Peyton Burdick for the second time this offseason

Just to be clear, it is highly likely that this move will end up mattering very little. The Orioles are loaded on the offensive side of the ball and they already have their hands full in figuring out which talented young outfielder they are going to carry on the Opening Day roster.

However, having real depth that still has minor league options is a huge deal for a team that wants to stay in contention over the course of a long season. Even for a team like the Orioles that is loaded with position player talent, having a guy like Burdick around that can fill in for a short stint if needed without having to start the service clock of one of their top prospects is remarkably useful. If anything, it is more useful for a team like Baltimore, given the quality of some of the prospects in play otherwise.

Ultimately, Baltimore seems to know what they need and understands who is actually disposable. They just gave up some cash to bring Burdick in to begin with, were willing to lose him (again, they don't NEED him) when they placed him on waivers, and then went out and got him again when they could basically get him back for free. These moves don't matter until they REALLY matter, and the Orioles have it figured out.

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