Orioles fans are split on Camden Yards' massive beer announcement

Fans looking for more variety in their gameday beers should (in theory) be happy with this latest announcement.
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While the thing that Baltimore Orioles fans care the most about is the roster the Orioles will field this coming season, another thing that is up there is the amenities that Camden Yards will have for those that come to games in person. It may seem like a small deal in the grand scheme of things, but fans do truly want to know what they can buy and/or ingest while they are enjoying some Orioles baseball.

For some, that means wanting to know how they are going to entertain their kids when they bring them to games and what their kids are going to eat. For others, it is about what kinds of gear and promotional souvenirs they can take back home with them as mementos of going to a game. Of course, there are those that want to know what beers will be available so they can let their hair down and get loud when the Orioles do their thing.

This announcement is for the latter crowd, as National Bohemian aka Natty Boh will be available for purchase at Camden Yards this season and for the first time since 2016.

Natty Boh returns to Camden Yards in 2024 to mixed reviews

One would think that Natty Boh being available in Baltimore would be universally praised, given the brand's connection to the city. The beer remains widely consumed in the area, but the Orioles had to pull it from availability at Camden Yards in 2016 after Pabst bought the company and sent the team a cease and desist letter about using their imagery without their permission. Obviously, it appears that the two sides have worked out their differences, as now Natty Boh will be available for fans to enjoy.

However, the reception from some fans hasn't been as positive as you would think, with a lot of the focus being on the fact that National Bohemian isn't brewed in the Baltimore area anymore. For those fans, they would just prefer that there were more true local brews available, even if they acknowledge that Natty Boh does hit the nostalgia buttons.

This is a fair argument, but it feels like there is an easy way the team could both carry Natty Boh again as well as create more partnerships with local breweries like Heavy Seas, Checkerspot, and Nepenthe.

Again, these are minor quibbles and it is nice that the team is moving to diversify their beer offerings beyond the standard Anheuser-Busch and Coors stuff.

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