Orioles' Colton Cowser gets delightfully Zoom bombed by dad in MLB Network interview

Colton Cowser and his dad need their own sitcom immediately.
Baltimore Orioles v Washington Nationals
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One of the reasons why the Baltimore Orioles are off to such a hot start this season is because of the play of Colton Cowser. After struggling after his first big league call-up last year, Cowser has turned the corner in 2024 and been one of the Orioles' best hitters this season with an .831 OPS with six homers. It would be nice if he could get the strikeouts under control a bit, but he has been tremendous, all things considered.

As it turns out, Cowser also has a fun-loving side and a great sense of humor in addition to being a hell of a baseball player. He has a long-standing "feud" with Gunnar Henderson as to who can build Star Wars Lego models the quickest (no word on who won this year as of yet) and he has generally been great for Baltimore's clubhouse vibes overall. Cowser even has his own dedicated fanbase, as the Milkmen have been out in force at Camden Yards. Get it? Cows-er? MILK?! Make sure you tip your waitresses.

However, Cowser did get trolled a bit during an interview with MLB Network. No, it wasn't his Orioles teammates responsible this time. Instead, Cowser's own father decided to get in on the action.

Orioles slugger Colton Cowser's own father trolled him during national interview

First, Cowser's reaction here to his dad popping up on the screen was absolutely perfect. Clearly this isn't the first time that his dad has created some chaos, and Cowser has learned to always have his guard up. They still got him, but he was ready for the moment. Also, Cowser correctly got to the important business of checking on how his dog, Sadie, was doing. By accounts, she was very comfortable, doing just fine, and seemed to be sleepy and full of treats.

Obviously Cowser's dad is extremely proud of his son and made sure to let the viewers know it, but he is also a real one. After a hilarious argument over when the last time Cowser called his dad ensued, Daddy Cowser dropped the bomb that the call Cowser was referencing was only him trying to get his dad's Netflix password. Absolutely classic.

Count us among those who think that Cowser should be interviewed by his dad once a week. We have no idea what that would look like week to week, but it is certain that it would be comedy gold.

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