Honeymoon for Orioles' new owner is over as fans clamor for contract extensions

David Rubenstein is finding out very quickly that Orioles fans will not be satisfied so easily.
Los Angeles Angels v Baltimore Orioles
Los Angeles Angels v Baltimore Orioles / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

It has been remarkable to see how quickly the vibes around the Baltimore Orioles have changed ever since the ownership group led by David Rubenstein bought the team. The team's roster was already great before they bought the team, but fans are engaged and have hope that the team is finally in good hands.

Hands that could actually make some noise, both in the wins column as well as in free agency, again.

However, sports fans in general have an extremely short-term memory. While Orioles fans are largely very happy at the moment, they are also already getting impatient with Baltimore's lack of progress in locking up their young stars long-term if Rubenstein's social media mentions are any indication.

Orioles fans are already pleading with ownership to extend Henderson, Rutschman

We've been over this a few times already this season. Yes, Adley Rutschman and especially Gunnar Henderson are amazing young talents, and the Orioles should do everything in their power to keep them. While there is precedent for young guys to sign early contract extensions (see: the Atlanta Braves), it can be a tough sell for a guy to delay free agency and the big-time dollars that come with said freedom, and that goes double when Henderson's agent is Scott Boras.

Still, it can't hurt for Orioles fans to want it to happen and, for the most part, the replies to Rubenstein have been light-hearted and respectful. Henderson is getting the most attention due to his hot start to the season, but it will probably be easier to extend Rutschman. He isn't a Boras client, which makes such a move instantly easier, and he plays a position that isn't valued as highly by the market.

However this all shakes out, don't expect Orioles fans to let up anytime soon. Fans are already bombarding social media and parsing every clue that could indicate an extension is coming. The longer it takes for the Orioles to get an extension for SOMEBODY done, the more likely that Rubenstein and co. might start to see the dark side of owning a team, dealing with rabid fans to an unfortunate degree.

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