Future Orioles star Jackson Holliday's apartment is a baseball paradise

A peak inside Jackson Holliday's apartment will have you stunned
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There has been a lot of news over the past two years about Jackson Holliday. He was the number one overall draft pick in 2022, he rocketed through the minor leagues in 2023 and became the number one overall prospect, and he received numerous awards in the process. Holliday has recently drawn almost as much attention for something he has done off the field.

A video was recently released that gives us a brief tour of Holliday's current residence and its features, and it's everything you think it is and more. Holliday tells viewers that his family bought a property that had a barn and a "sport court" and they later built a house on the property. I am sure that family sporting events in the Holliday family get quite competitive.

After all, Jackson is not the only top-ranked prospect in the family. His younger brother, Ethan Holliday, is the top-ranked high school prospect in the nation and has committed to play baseball for Oklahoma State. Jackson and Ethan are the sons of former major leaguer and seven-time All-Star, Matt Holliday, who is reported to have earned just shy of $160 million during his stellar 15 year career.

Jackson said that his father is an avid pickleball player so a pickleball court was added to the basketball sport court. As much fun as basketball and pickleball are, the Holliday's are a baseball family so it was probably an easy decision for them to add a batting cage as well.

Holliday mentions that the batting cage is equipped with a Rapsodo which is device designed to help hitters and pitchers improve by delivering advanced metrics to them. If all that wasn't enough, the batting cage doubles as a golf course the Holliday's use with a portable golf simulator. All of that is in the barn.

To top it all off, the Holliday's had a full-size outdoor wiffle ball field built on the property, complete with a backstop and home run wall. The home is every sports fan's dream home. Jackson even says "You pretty much don't have to leave this place if you don't want to." With that in mind, I would just like him to know that I can make myself available for play dates and sleepovers any time, as long as my wife says it's ok.

Holliday finished the 2023 season with Triple-A Norfolk and is just one step away from making a home in Baltimore. Hopefully, he will find a place to make his future home as amazing as his current home.