Birds Watcher's roundtable bold predictions for 2024 Baltimore Orioles

The season approaches. In other words, it’s time for bold predictions!

Division Series - Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles - Game Two
Division Series - Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles - Game Two / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

It's time, Birdland! With Opening Day coming up for the Orioles, we reunited and made our bold predictions for 2024 season. Our friend Brian make some bold predictions here back in February, then we got together as a group to summarize how we're feeling nearly two months later, on the eve of the season.

For this exercise, each member of the Birds Watcher crew answered five questions about the Orioles. Some opinions differed. Some different points of view were displayed. Some brought excitement. Some brought pessimism. Just like every year, we bring our hope for our favorite team to succeed or fear the worst scenario. Will we nail our predictions? We'll see at the end of the season.

The questions:
1. How many wins will the Orioles have in 2024?

2. Your breakout candidate

3. When will Jackson Holliday arrive in the majors?

4. How many prospects will debut for Baltimore in 2024?

5. After the trade deadline, the Orioles acquired (fill the blank) from (fill the team) - could be more than one player

Without further ado, here we go:

Brian Barr

1: 100-62 to repeat as AL East champs.

2: GrayRod kills it, leading the AL in strikeouts. He will pitch 180-190 innings and average 11-12 K/9 and finish with about 240 strikeouts.

3: May 13.

4: Seven (Holliday, Mayo, McDermott, Povich, Armbruester, Charles, Johnson all debut with Orioles). Norby debuts after being traded.

5: David Bednar from the Pirates to shore up the bullpen.

Nathaniel Chambers

1. 98 wins and first WC.

2. Gunnar has a .285 average and 35 homers.

3. May 21 (playing where his dad spent the most seasons of his career).

4. Seven (Holliday, Basallo, Povich, Johnson, McDermott, Mayo and Robinson).

5. Liam Hendriks from the Red Sox; Mark Canha from the Tigers.

Cameron McGuire

1. 85 wins. Miss playoffs.

2. Heston Kjerstad.

3. Mid-April.

4. Four (Holliday, Povich, Norby and Seth Johnson)

5. Sam Moll, Reds

Justin Long

1. 102 wins.

2. Santander has a massive season, but Westburg is the biggest breakout.

3. April 29th.

4. Five (Holliday, Mayo, Norby, Povich and McDermott)

5. Emmanuel Clase from Cleveland

Michael Najarian

1. 101 wins and AL East champions.

2. Jordan Westburg.

3. April 29.

4. Five (Holliday, Mayo, McDermott, Norby and Wandisson Charles).

5. Alex Wood from the A’s as a swingman starter/reliever.

Joshua Davis

1. 93 wins. Wild Card Spot.

2. Jordan Westburg.

3. April 29.

4. Five (Holliday, Mayo, Povich, McDermott and Norby)

5. We bring back… Hunter Harvey

Vitor Silva

1. 96 wins - playoffs as AL East Champions (first back-to-back Division Champions since the 70s)
2. Colton Cowser
3. Early May
4. Six (Holliday, Mayo, McDermott, Povich, Charles and Armbruester)
5. Logan Gilbert from Mariners

And for you, Birdland? Send your predictions!