Baltimore Orioles Hire Cal Perry as Chief Content Officer--And Prior, (Hilarious) Tweet about the Orioles Arises

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The O’s have made yet another offseason acquisition. Last Thursday, the Baltimore Orioles announced the hiring of Cal Perry as Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer. According to the press release, "Perry will oversee the Orioles’ creative content efforts and be responsible for integrating the team’s content throughout the organization and with club partners."

Perry, 43, brings an impressive resume to the Orioles, having previously worked for CNN as an international correspondence in the Beirut bureau. Perry also worked at CNN's Baghdad bureau, where he reported on stories of world importance, including the trial and execution of former Iraq leader Saddam Hussein and the death of Yasser Arafat. There is no question that Perry is an extremely qualified journalist and a good hire for the Baltimore Orioles.

Baltimore Orioles Hire Cal Perry as Chief Content Officer

Notwithstanding the impressive resume, and the exciting, fancy new gig with the Orioles, Cal Perry is very relatable. His Twitter page includes a picture of him at Camden Yards wearing an Orioles hat, and his cover photograph features a nice picture of the B&O Warehouse and Camden Yards. And, like most Orioles fan who (a) tweet and (b) have paid attention over the last 20+ years, Perry has expressed his frustration with Orioles ownership and, specifically criticized longtime owner Peter Angelos.

Here is my favorite:

Fortunately, Perry has a good sense of humor, and, after initially tweeting that his Twitter account was hacked, admitted that he indeed was the one behind the critical Angelos tweets.

Ah, April 17, 2010. Another loss in Oakland for the Orioles. Jim Johnson threw a walk-off wild pitch. I was on my way to my friend Ben's house for a barbecue as a senior at Maryland, getting ready to go to the University of Wisconsin Madison for law school. (Believe it or not, the Orioles did salvage the finale in Oakland, 8-3 on Sunday. Ty Wigginton hit his fourth home run run of the year and was interviewed postgame on MASN. Yes, I do actually remember that game. My memory is oddly specific).

But enough about me. This article is about Cal Perry. And I am glad to see that Cal Perry's tweets from 12 years ago--tweets that any passionate Oriole fan would write--did not cost him this job. Pretty cool--and funny--to see that Perry, who was quite vocal about his disdain for Orioles ownership, is now employed by them. Congratulations on the new role, Cal. And on behalf of Oriole fans everywhere--never change.

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