8 Orioles players who are putting up eye-catching numbers this spring

Here are some of the best spring performers from Orioles' spring training in 2024.

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The Baltimore Orioles, as a whole, have looked tremendous down at spring training. In fact, they have looked so solid top to bottom that their roster decisions have become very tough to make. They finally settled on their rotation to start the 2024 season, but this position player group has looked very, very strong so far.

With spring training winding down and the roster poised to be set in the coming days, it is time to take a look at the Orioles players that have showed out the most this spring in the box score. Some are battling for roster spots and are names that every Orioles fan probably knows by now, while some are not the names you would expect to see if you know them at all.

8 Orioles players whose spring training numbers have opened eyes

Errol Robinson

If one were to guess which Orioles players who have played in more than just a handful of games have eclipsed a 1.000 OPS this spring, you would probably guess names like Gunnar Henderson, Colton Cowser, and Kyle Stowers. You would be right, but right up there with them has been Errol Robinson.

In 19 games this spring, Robinson has slashed .368/.556/.526 while stealing four bases along the way. Robinson isn't likely at all to make the Opening Day roster with all of the position player depth in camp, but he is making the Orioles look very smart for signing him to a minor-league deal right now.

Kyle Stowers

Speaking of Kyle Stowers, what a spring this guy has had. His power numbers are somewhat inflated from a three-homer game this spring, but his .256/.267/.744 triple-slash is still really impressive, considering his struggles in the big leagues so far in his career.

It looked like Stowers was going to make a real run at an outfield roster spot for a while there. However, he has cooled down a bit lately, and with how strong the next name on the list here has been, it is looking like he will be starting the season in the minors now.