5 pending free agents that the Orioles need to let walk after the 2023 season

The Baltimore Orioles, as good as they are, need to do a bit of a roster culling this coming offseason.
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Baltimore needs to move on from Adam Frazier

While the pitching side of things seemingly has several candidates to be culled going into 2024, the offense is pretty loaded. However, one name that sticks out as a guy who has gotten considerable playing time in 2023 who probably shouldn't come back is veteran Adam Frazier.

In three of his last four seasons including this season, Frazier has posted a wRC+ of 91 or less which is not good (100 is average). Frazier is currently slashing .239/.296/.403 in almost 400 plate appearances and the one thing had going for him previously, his defense, has fallen off a cliff in 2023. For a rebuilding team, Frazier makes sense as a stopgap solution. However, for a contending team like Baltimore who is loaded with young infielders and who have Jackson Holliday and Connor Norby lurking, they will likely be able to do much better.

It should be one and done for Jack Flaherty with the Orioles

One of the few fair criticisms that can be leveled at the Orioles' front office in 2023 is that they failed to address their need for a quality starting pitcher at the trade deadline. Costs were high and there was certainly a lack of quality options, but it sure would have been nice if Baltimore would have been able to walk away from the deadline with a reliable starter. Instead, they acquired Jack Flaherty.

At the height of his powers a few years ago, Flaherty was one of the league's best young pitchers. However, he hasn't been the same pitcher over the last few seasons as he has dealt with injuries. Flaherty wasn't TERRIBLE with the Cardinals this season, but he also wasn't particularly good and his 6.41 ERA in four starts for Baltimore hasn't inspired much confidence. If he wants to sign a cheap short-term deal with the Orioles, then maybe he sticks around. However, that seems incredibly unlikely and the Orioles shouldn't push hard to keep him around.

The Orioles need to let Kyle Gibson walk

Sticking with the pitching staff the rest of the way here, Baltimore's second highest paid player in 2023 is Kyle Gibson who is making $10 million this season. When the Orioles signed him to that one year deal, the hope was that he could be closer to the decent pitcher he was in 2021 than who he had been for, well, most of the rest of his career.

Unfortunately, that isn't how things have shaken out. Gibson has at least stayed on the field which is not nothing as being healthy isn't always an easy ask of a pitcher, but he has also posted a 5.15 ERA in 28 starts for the Orioles this season. Availability is a quality worth considering but if Kyle wants anywhere near what he is making this season, Baltimore should just let him try to get that money elsewhere.