4 Orioles players who have been major disappointments this season

The Baltimore Orioles have been a great story this year, but not everything has gone right.
Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles
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While many thought the Baltimore Orioles could be one of the more fun teams to watch in 2023 with all of the young talent they had coming up, few thought that they would become one of the best teams in baseball so quickly. However, that is exactly what has happened as they have best record in the American League and trail just the Braves for the best record in all of baseball.

Only time will tell if the Orioles can keep this up now that Felix Bautista is out with an elbow injury, but no one can take away just how stark the team's turnaround has been in 2023. However, for all of the things that have gone right for Baltimore this year, there have still been a few players that been disappointments in 2023 that are worth taking a look at.

Here are 4 Orioles players that have been major disappointments this season

Before anyone asks and/or panics, just because a guy has been subpar in 2023 does not mean they are irredeemable as baseball players. All of the guys on this list are talented and frankly, one of the reasons they could be considered disappointments is because of what the expectations of them were based on their talent. It wouldn't surprise anybody if they figured things out tomorrow and were good the rest of the season or if they had nice bounce back campaigns in 2024. This is strictly a look at 2023 and nothing more.

Let's take a look at the more disappointing Orioles players in 2023.