4 extensions the Orioles must prioritize when new ownership takes over

Here are the young players the Orioles need to extend now that they aren't going to be owned by cheapskates.
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Adley Rutschman

Adley Rutschman might be the clearest case for an extension among all of these Orioles players. It is rare for a No. 1 overall pick like Rutschman to live up to the billing of that draft selection. However, not only has he managed to do so, but he has arguably been even better than some hoped.

Everyone knew that Rutschman was a special bat, but catching is brutal on players' bodies, and teams very often move strong hitters off the position to keep them in the lineup for longer. However, Rutschman not only has excelled at the plate in his short career thus far with an .808 OPS, but he has remained an excellent defensive catcher and strong game-caller behind the plate. He truly is the total package at a position where that is very, very rare.

It is that rarity that should give the Orioles some urgency to get an early extension done. Rutschman is a Dan Vertlieb client, which isn't nearly as prohibitive as Boras, but that is an agency that isn't going to just roll over in extension talks, either. However, they did secure Jackson Chourio's extension before he even played a big league game, so there is certainly some hope.

As for what such an extension for Adley would even look like, that is tougher. Joe Mauer's eight-year, $184 million contract still holds the record for the biggest deal given to a catcher. Given Rutschman's trajectory, he honestly could end up beating that, and the Orioles should at least try to keep themselves in the running.