3 Orioles spring training overreactions after first week of action

The Orioles have some things that need to be sorted out in camp, but some of the reactions have been over the top.

Division Series - Baltimore Orioles v Texas Rangers - Game Three
Division Series - Baltimore Orioles v Texas Rangers - Game Three / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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Kyle Bradish's injury wasn't ideal, but things are looking up

Few would have predicted that Kyle Bradish would have been Baltimore's best starting pitcher in 2023 by a wide margin. However, after posting a 2.83 ERA in 168.2 innings last season and finishing fourth in the AL Cy Young voting, Bradish established himself as a crucial piece in an Orioles' rotation that is still trying to find itself.

Baltimore's starting staff got a huge boost when they traded for Corbin Burnes, but the Orioles still need Bradish to be productive if they want to get where they want to go in 2024. That is why it was pretty devastating when it was revealed that Bradish was going to start the 2024 season on the injured list with an elbow injury.

Normally, anytime a key pitcher injures their UCL, the spectre of Tommy John surgery looms large. However, it appears as though Bradish will avoid going under the knife for now, as he is already throwing long toss down in camp with no issues. The Orioles are going to remain careful with him, but it doesn't seem as though he will be on the shelf for TOO long as of now.

Like with any injury, especially arm injuries for pitchers, things could change very quickly for the worse. For the moment, though, it appears as though the Orioles dodged the worst-case scenario.

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