3 Orioles spring training overreactions after first week of action

The Orioles have some things that need to be sorted out in camp, but some of the reactions have been over the top.

Division Series - Baltimore Orioles v Texas Rangers - Game Three
Division Series - Baltimore Orioles v Texas Rangers - Game Three / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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The Orioles' prospects have had a great spring, but caution is still needed

As was the case last year, much of the focus this spring has been on just how good the Orioles' farm system is and how they will fit into Baltimore's 2024 plans. With Jackson Holliday, Cade Povich, Coby Mayo, Samuel Basallo, Connor Norby, and others all in camp, there are a LOT of Orioles prospects to get excited about.

Orioles fans are already well aware of Holliday at this point. He was the first overall pick in the 2022 draft, is the current top prospect in baseball on many lists, and appears poised to become an instant star once he makes his big league debut. Even if he doesn't make the club right out of the gate, the smart bet is that he will be in the big leagues sometime in 2024.

There are other Orioles prospects impressing in camp as well. Coby Mayo is raking early on and Cade Povich looked awesome on the mound after he got over some early game jitters. If the young guys keep showing out like this the rest of spring training, Baltimore is going to have a really tough time making their final roster cuts at the end of camp.

That said, fans need to remember that it is still very early in camp and these guys are still young and in need of experience. Given that so many of the Orioles' roster spots (especially in the lineup) are already set, there is no need to rush any of these guys unnecessarily. Doing so risks their development and confidence, which could undo all the good work Baltimore has done in building up the minor league ranks.