3 biggest concerns going into the Orioles' ALDS matchup with the Rangers

The Orioles have had a magical 2023 season, but a very tough test await them in the ALDS.
Boston Red Sox v Baltimore Orioles
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Will Baltimore's youth be a blessing or a curse?

The one thing that we don't know going into the ALDS is how Baltimore's relative lack of postseason experience is going to manifest itself. There is no denying that the Orioles are loaded with young talent that has taken the league by storm this season, but playing in the postseason is a different animal and Baltimore just doesn't have many guys that have been in this environment before.

With their best hitters being Gunnar Henderson and Adley Rutschman and both of them being really young, there is a chance that all of the pressure of the playoffs gets to them as we have seen elsewhere in the past. This also applies to the pitching staff and guys like Grayson Rodriguez. Sure, they have all the talent in the world, but will they be able to perform against a very tough lineup when the season is on the line? That remains to be seen.

The nice thing here is that this could go both ways. Nerves and inexperience can be a curse, but it could also be a blessing. This Baltimore team may actually be young enough that they just don't know any better and could be looser and more energetic than one would think in the postseason. After all, they didn't fold down the stretch during a tough race with Tampa for the AL East title, so why would this series be any different?