Two Starting Pitchers the Baltimore Orioles Should Sign

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As the Orioles struggle through their abundant losing streak, here are two pitchers that could fix their starting pitching rotation

To close out the month of May, the Baltimore Orioles fell into a losing streak of alarming length: 14 games, the franchise’s longest streak of games without a win since the historic 0-21 start to the 1988 season. The offense has gone cold throughout this streak, starting pitchers have gotten shelled, and the bullpen has imploded. Frankly, if something could go wrong for the Orioles, it has gone wrong at one point or another.

The team is in an integral spot with the development of their starting pitchers where players such as Keegan Akin or Dean Kremer need chances to succeed at a high level. However, with the state of the Orioles’ defense and the lineup’s tendency to disappear, the starting job in Baltimore has not given young pitchers room for error.

Instead of allowing their pitching prospects to be hit around and have their confidence quickly damaged, the Orioles may instead look to veteran pitchers to fill the gap between now and when the team’s young talent is truly ready to face the highest level of hitters.

A number of starting pitchers with lengthy Major League experience are waiting in the wings as free agents, meaning Baltimore wouldn’t have to part with current assets in order to acquire help for their starting rotation. And, at this point in the season, any deal made with a veteran player would likely come at a team-friendly cost, such as a minor league contract.

The O’s enter Tuesday’s game against the Minnesota Twins with the worst collective ERA of starting pitchers of any team in Major League Baseball. A change must be made in order for the Orioles to see any semblance of success this season and onward.

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