Baltimore Orioles Ace John Means Has a Happy Father’s Day

The Baltimore Orioles 2020 team has been rather quiet of late. But, not pitcher John Means, and a few others on Father’s Day.

The Baltimore Orioles young lefty sensation shared some special moments with fans on Twitter.

In one, he shared a special message to his father.

And, in the other, he shared that he will become father of a boy.

Here’s the exciting gender reveal, shared by Mean via his personal Twitter account:

After an exciting All-Star season in 2019, the 27-year-old gets to add new father to his growing resume.

The other Tweet he shared today was about his own father and a message of hope as he soon will become one himself.

Watching players show their thanks to their fathers is always touching. Considering the hours that many of these father put into their sons so they could live their dreams of playing the Big Leagues is a notable feat. Playing baseball in the youth leagues is not cheap, and many fathers end up doing significant coaching, batting practice, and driving back-and-forth between weekend tournaments.

Some other Orioles got into the Father’s Day mode by sending special messages on social media. One of those was Jim Palmer, who clearly enjoys his Twitter account, as he is one to frequently post messages:

David Hess also posted a message to his father on this special day:

The emotional photo shows the two in the belly of the Camden Yards. It’s nice to see the two young pitchers, who are the future of the Orioles, share their pasts and futures with their fans.

He might not have posted on Father’s Day, but Orioles shortstop Jose Iglesias also has several reasons to be proud. On the day after Father’s Day in 2019, he became a father for the second time – this time to a beautiful daughter who became a little sister to his adorable son.

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Congratulations goes out to John and Caroline Means, who should be able to celebrate both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with their own son in 2021.



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