Orioles Discussion: Can Trey Mancini Repeat?

Will Trey Mancini repeat or exceed his 2019 for the Baltimore Orioles?

While there were only a few bright spots for the Baltimore Orioles in 2019, 1B/OF Trey Mancini developed into the star the Birds needed to step up.

I don’t think many people expected Mancini to increase his production and numbers as drastically as he did last season. Just two years ago, he was third in Rookie of the Year voting. The following season, his numbers dropped drastically. His batting average dipped by just over 50 points and he went from being a 1.6 fWAR player to a -0.3 fWAR player.

Some believed Mancini should have been the Orioles All-Star game representative over John Means in 2019, after all, he did put up numbers to contend with some of the league’s best players.  Here’s a quick breakdown of some of his improvements from his sophomore season to his third year in the big leagues.

Trey Mancini improved in nearly every offensive category, including a career-high 132 wRC+.

                                                  2018                                                 2019                     Difference

Plate Appearances                636                                                    679                              +43

Batting Average                    .242                                                    .291                             +.49

On Base Percentage            .299                                                    .364                              +.65

Runs                                           69                                                      106                              +37

Hits                                            141                                                     175                              +34

2B                                               23                                                        38                               +15

HR                                               24                                                       35                                +11

RBI                                              58                                                        97                               +39

BB%                                             44                                                       63                               +19

The primary right fielder will have to carry a similar load in 2020 and has already talked about his role as a leader for the young guys on the team. He has the potential to be a threat to any pitcher at any time.

Going into the 2020 season, I think Mancini will put up numbers that replicate last year if not better his output. In a mix of learning and rebuilding, Mancini will have to act as a stable point on the O’s team. There will be a lot of bad, but also some good in the upcoming season and Mancini will play a big part in the successes the Orioles have at the plate. If guys around him can get on base, Trey has shown that he is capable of the big moment.

If you’re a Baltimore fan, look for how Mancini comes off his red-hot 2019 season. I look forward to seeing how the young core mixes with players with more experience and how Mancini’s leadership impacts the clubhouse. Mancini is just one of the many key pieces the Orioles are going to have in the upcoming years.

What are your thoughts on Mancini’s 2020 season? Does he continue his hot-hitting ways? Does he take a step back? Or is he traded at some point this season?

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