The Baltimore Orioles were right to trade Manny Machado to Los Angeles

When Manny Machado was with the Baltimore Orioles he had some issues on the field, but as a fan, it was tough to look objectively at them. Now that we’ve seen him causing trouble in the spotlight of Los Angeles, it’s clear that the Orioles made the right decision to trade him

The Baltimore Orioles knew what they had in Manny Machado, but now the rest of the world is seeing just how good and how much of a problem he is. In Baltimore, Machado got into a few incidents that made him an enemy of a bunch of teams due to his attitude.

It’s now on display for all of baseball to see and it doesn’t make Machado look like a good person. Frankly, I’m thinking the Baltimore Orioles made the right decision by trading him. He admitted that he’s not going to hustle or run out grounders.

The two plays in the playoffs against the Milwaukee Brewers could’ve been avoided. There was no need for Machado to reach for the shortstop on the double play ball and no need for him to step on Jesus Aguilar’s foot at first base.

Once Machado did those things, it made him enemy number one in Milwaukee and the fans let him have it. It also showed the rest of Major League Baseball what type of player he is. It’s not known if he intentionally grabbed his crotch at the Milwaukee crowd, but it sure looks like it. That makes him look even worse.

Manny Machado is a great player and has a lot of talent and will get paid this offseason, but he needs to grow up. He’s going to get himself hurt one of these days.

The Baltimore Orioles did the right thing by trading him; you don’t want someone on your team who won’t hustle or who will cause unnecessary fights that could end up injuring other players on your team.