Baltimore Orioles washed away in the Twin Cities

Courtesy of Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Courtesy of Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

The Baltimore Orioles were hit with their fourth rain out this season last night in Minneapolis.

The Baltimore Orioles found themselves in familiar terrain last night, as the first game of three in Minneapolis against the Minnesota Twins was rained out. This marks the fourth rain out of the year for the Orioles, for whom it seems the weather rarely cooperates these days. If a game hasn’t been rained out, it’s been played in cold temperatures, and at the very least a threat of rain. Many have even been played in a moderate drizzle.

But that’s life in baseball I suppose. The Orioles will return to Minnesota on the 28th

Baltimore Orioles
Courtesy of Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

of July to make the game up, prior to heading to Toronto for a three-game  series. The Birds will pull a similar stunt next month on June 20th when they’ll head back down to Texas to make up a game that was rained out last month.

There’s also the matter of the game from April 9th against Tampa that needs to be made up as well. Tampa returns to Camden Yards on June 24-26th, and the prevailing thought is that a doubleheader will be scheduled for one of those days. However who really knows at this point – for all we can tell maybe they won’t even make that game up.

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  • For what it’s worth, the third of the four rain outs has already been made up. The Birds rained out game one this past weekend against Oakland, but made it up on Saturday as part of a doubleheader. So as it stands now they need to make three games up – and of those three, two have been scheduled.

    But wait, there’s more…! Unfortunately the forecast doesn’t necessarily improve in the Twin Cities as we move onward. It’s set to rain there all day supposedly, although they might have clearing in the evening. The forecast also calls for rain tomorrow, when the teams are scheduled for an afternoon matinee. So does that July 28th game become a doubleheader at some point? It’s certainly possible. Heck, with the way things are going it might even rain that day.

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    The Orioles previously had an issue with a starter for Wednesday, but that’s changed now that they didn’t play yesterday. Kevin Gausman will get the start in tonight’s game, and Tyler Wilson tomorrow afternoon. Again, all of this is weather permitting.