Baltimore Orioles: Silver lining in no salary cap?


Is there a hidden good in the perceived ill that the Baltimore Orioles play in a sport without a salary cap?

Over time we hear a lot of Baltimore Orioles fans talking about how major league baseball needs a salary cap. And quite frankly, I’m somewhat sympathetic to that stance. Neither baseball or any other sport should be a situation whereby only the rich can survive. Obviously some teams are in a better position than others, however in general the gap shouldn’t be as wide as it is.

However there are always two sides to every story. Is it possible that baseball has an upside in terms of not having a salary cap? First off think of what a salary cap means; your team has to be under a certain salary price point each year. This would require a much greater oversight and management of salaries year-over-year.

It would also keep salaries lower than they are now. Now most fans will say, what’s wrong with that? My stance has always been that what another person makes really isn’t any of my business. If someone’s willing to pay you millions of dollars to push a button everyday, go for it.

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    But let’s say there was a salary cap; teams would have to keep better tabs on their salaries. Which again, causes salaries to go down. So what happens after awhile, when athletes start going away from baseball due to the fact that there might not be as much money in the sport as there is in others?

    That might sound like a bit of a reach; other leagues have salary caps, right? They do, and in many cases they’re fairly stringent. However in an era where sports are competing for athletes, the fact that salaries are as high as they are is always a bonus for baseball. If you’re good enough, you can make more money in baseball than in any other sport.

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    Whether or not the sport would ever go to a salary cap or not is another story. But the fact that higher salaries will bring better players is something that’s a boom for the sport.