Baltimore Orioles lookin at Jay Bruce?


According to, the Baltimore Orioles have spoken to Cincinnati about outfielder Jay Bruce. These are trade talks obviously, and odds are it’s nothing more than noise. However might Bruce be a good fit in Baltimore?

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Although a corner outfielder, Bruce might be a poor man’s Chris Davis. While he only hit .226 in 2015, he also smacked 26 homers. His career average is .248, with 30 homers per season (on average). While in the field he’s not quite a Markakis-level outfielder, he is a decent right fielder and would probably move to replacethe likes of Markakis more so than anyone else did in 2015.

Needless to say, Bruce is probably a much better fit for the Orioles than was Pittsburgh’s Walker. The article I linked is also very quick to say that there isn’t any momentum behind the talks – they’re just talks. But Bruce could probably get himself aqainted with Camden Yards’ friendly confines very quickly, and end up having a decent year at the plate in 2016 as an Oriole.

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Mariners' 2022 postseason berth has Jay Bruce-vibes from the 2010 Reds playoff appearance
Mariners' 2022 postseason berth has Jay Bruce-vibes from the 2010 Reds playoff appearance /

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  • This is all just chatter – and quite frankly I’m happy to have it because it gives me something to write about this morning! However depending on what Cincinnati wants in return, I would seriously consider swinging a trade of this sort if I were the Orioles. Bruce is scheduled to make just over $7 million in 2016, so that wouldn’t break the bank in terms of the Orioles having a shot at re-signing Davis. Furthermore he also has a club option for 2017.

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    The drawback is that Cincinnati is probably going to want young pitching in return. But you never know. Needless to say, this is something that I think the fans could get behind, and I suspect that both Bruce and the Orioles would end up being a common fit for one another. Whether it happens is another story.