Baltimore Orioles: Tough hours in Birdland

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Many fans right now are harping on the fact that the Baltimore Orioles are only at .500 at the all-star break. Speaking for myself, I would have expected that mark to have been a little higher as well. But it’s important to note that there’s no way that Buck Showalter and his Birds are out of anything at this point. Contrary to what some folks think, this team should and most likely will be buyers at the end of the month. If they aren’t able to swing a deal in some manner, they’ll probably stand pat. But unless they rattle off ten straight losses or something like that, they certainly won’t be selling.

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The first half of the season did in fact provide Orioles fans with some fond memories – .500 means they won just as many as they lost, right? So it stands to reason that there were some things that happened that worked out well for the Orioles. While some thing didn’t work out so well, we should also remember that the first half of the season involved a lot more than just baseball. The Orioles found themselves in the middle of racial tensions in the city of Baltimore, and in my view they showed the nation and the world what Baltimore is truly about.

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  • So I wanted to take a look back at those tough days, because as difficult of a time as it was for the city, it also gave the Orioles the opportunity to in effect be the face of Baltimore. At a moment when the city so desperately needed something to go right, it shouldn’t be forgotten that it’s Orioles did what they could to give people respite from the real world which hit home so hard and so fast. April of 2015 is not a time that will soon be forgotten – nor should it be. However the city should be proud of how it recovered from that carnage, and the Orioles should be proud of the role they played in it.