Baltimore Orioles: The real world bats leadoff


The real world has invaded our sandbox this week, postponing two Baltimore Orioles games against the White Sox, and forcing Wednesday’s to be played without spectators, the first time in Major League history that will have happened.

This weekend’s home series against Tampa Bay has been moved to Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay, with the Orioles serving as the home team and being paid the gate as if they were the home team. If anyone needs a running joke, try the fact that the crowd for those games will also be pretty close to nothing.

For a while, a frightening while, it’s not about Chris Davis‘ strikeouts, or what seems to have been his offensive reawakening over the last few games. It’s not about the red hot Adam Jones, the injured J.J. Hardy and Jonathan Schoop, or the disappointing pitching and defense. Or the fact that the Orioles have the same record now as they did through this many games last year.

It’s not about baseball stuff.

It is about the game knowing its place and taking a sensitive back seat to much larger issues and realities amid the weekend’s protests and Monday’s destruction. Is anybody in town other than Buck Showalter worried about what Monday’s and Tuesday’s riot-induced postponements did to the team’s rotation? Oh, well, it is a game of adjustments.

If you still remember Ubaldo Jimenez and Chicago’s Jeff Samardzija are Wednesday’s starters, gold star for you.

For the full story on when the two postponed games will be played, see editor Domenic Vedala’s column.

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