Baltimore Orioles: Jimmy Paredes makes his case


The Baltimore Orioles were defeated 5-4 by Toronto yesterday after an almost 90 minute rain delay. Let me be clear; nobody’s happy about rain delays to begin with, but especially in spring training – NOBODY. The O’s brought very few regularsto Dunedin for the game yesterday, although Alejandro De Aza (one regular that did make the trip) did smack a two-run homer. Jimmy Paredes was inserted into the lineup later in the game, and went 1-for-1 at the plate.

Paredes of course was a guy for whom the Orioles traded last year, and he proved valuable to the franchise in the absence of Manny Machado late in the season. The question is whether or not the Birds can find a spot for him on their roster in 2015. And quite frankly, that’s a big question.

Courtersy of Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

And my personal opinion is that they might not be able to do so. The Orioles’ infield is pretty well set with the exception of perhaps second base. So that doesn’t leave very many options for Paredes, who I do think has a chance at being a player in the big leagues. In 18 games with the O’s last year, Paredes hit .302 with two homers. That’s a small sample size for sure, but he also showed a propensity for coming through in the clutch.

The Orioles will probably need to figure out what to do with Paredes, lest they risk losing him on waivers. My recommendation would be to work out some sort of trade with someone who might be able to use a guy like him. Bear in mind, I do think that he could make a difference in the Orioles’ system. I just don’t think he’d make it through waivers as an Oriole. And that’s a testament to him and his abilities.

Some players are worth more to the organization on the field, and some are worth more on the trade market. Obviously we’re not talking about a blockbuster trade by any means, but someone like Paredes could certainly bring a low level prospect to the organization to help with depth. Furthermore, sending Paredes to a team where he could be on the roster and play more often than here and there would benefit him as he progresses through his career.

The Orioles return to Sarasota this afternoon to take on Boston at 1 PM. Fans can listen to the game on 105.7 “the fan” in Baltimore, and Bud Norris will take to the mound for his first start of the spring. He’ll be opposed by Boston’s Steven Wright, another knuckleballer.