Working for a Legacy in Baltimore


Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Since arriving to Baltimore in 2008, Adam Jones has made a name for himself in Charm City. The four-time All-Star has done all things right in every aspect of the game. He will certainly go into the Orioles Hall of Fame. However, what is missing from his resume to give him that “legendary” status he so craves?

In seven years with the Orioles, Jones batted .281/.322/.465 with 565 career RBI and 166 home runs.

Jones brings consistency and power to the Orioles lineup. In each of the past four seasons, Jones has hit at least 25 home runs and 82 RBI. In 2013, Jones hit 69 extra base hits and recorded 108 RBI in route to his first career Silver Slugger Award.

Defensively, Jones provides the same consistency he brings with his bat. He has a career.985 fielding percentage in center field with 71 assists and 17 double plays turned.

He has been awarded for his stellar defense accordingly. In seven years, Jones earned four Gold Glove Awards.

Jones’ resume is certainly filled with many accolades. These and more to come will put him in the Orioles Hall of Fame once his playing days are over with. However, what is missing from his resume that separates good from great?

What separates those players who have bronze statues of themselves above the bullpens in Camden Yards from those other Orioles Hall of Famers, is a World Series title.

And if Adam Jones can help bring a World Series title back to Baltimore then he too will become a legend of Orioles baseball and will have a statue erected of himself in Camden Yards. And who wouldn’t want to see Jones and the Orioles hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy above their heads?