Baltimore Orioles: All’s quiet on Christmas Day


I’m not going to do what I’ve done in the past on Christmas Day by asking people what their favorite gift is with regard to what the Baltimore Orioles have done in the off season. First off there’s obviously not much from which to choose, and it’s about as cliche of a bit as you can find on columns such as Birds Watcher.

Mandatory Credit: David Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Today is obviously a holiday, and all of you have much more important things to do as opposed to worrying about what’s going on with the Orioles. Heck, I’m not going to lie – I have more important things to do also! However I do want to remind people that Christmas is another mark post in terms of the off season. Whereas it generally falls at the end of the NFL season, we start looking at the NFL playoffs. And remember folks, pitchers and catchers report two weeks after the Super Bowl!

Next month will bring Orioles FanFest at the Baltimore Convention Center on January 31st. Pitchers and catchers will report in the middle of February, and before you know it we’ll be into March and Grapefruit League play will commence. Oh, and did I mention that as of this past Sunday the days are officially getting longer by a few minutes?

The Orioles certainly surprised us yesterday by announcing a two-year contract with Delmon Young. So I guess not all was totally quiet at the yard so to speak. But today’s not the day for that discussion. Young’s contract and his worth to the team can be analyzed on another day. So that said, on my own behalf as well as on that of our great staff and the Fansided Network, I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!