Chris Davis good to go for the Baltimore Orioles in 2014


Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter told 105.7 “the fan” in Baltimore yesterday that Chris Davis has an exemption for adderall. Davis of course you’ll remember has one game to serve on his 2014 suspension for the banned substance. Showalter of course meant that Davis was good to go for 2015 in terms of having an exemption. But where does that leave us for 2014?

Courtesy of Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s somewhat nebulous as to what happened with Davis’ suspension this past season. All we really know is that he had obtained an exemption in the past, and that he has one for the 2015 season. Yet apparently he either forgot to get the exemption for 2015, or flat out didn’t get it. Either way, the onus rests on the player to ensure that all of his paperwork is in order. Being someone who seems to take accountability for himself, Davis seemed to understand that when he accepted the suspension without any formal appeal.

However I would also submit that it seems to make very little sense for MLB to suspend a player who obviously had the exemption previously, and perhaps neglected to to re-up that exemption. I would think that Davis (or more realistically his agent) probably forgot to handle this simple matter given the fact that he continued taking the substance. But either way, justice is blind – and in most cases I think that’s probably best. But perhaps there are others in which a certain amount of common sense should take over.

Either way, it appears that Davis has things in order for 2015 – so there’s that. Fans don’t need to worry about Davis testing positive for adderall, because it’s something that he’ll be allowed to take.