Baltimore Orioles: Neutral-site World Series?


Rich DuBroff of CSN Baltimore published a very interesting article on Sunday morning regarding some comments and ideas shared by super agent Scott Boras. First off, let me unequivocally state that I agree with DuBroff’s sentiments entirely; neither the Baltimore Orioles, nor MLB on the whole would benefit from Boras’ ideas. They’re interesting to say the least however, and might potentially be worthy at least of discussion:

Neutral-site World Series

– For starters, the Super Bowl is the only professional sport which has a neutral-site championship game. (College

Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

football and basketball both do as well.) Keep in mind that baseball, more so than any other sport, tradition is the name of the game. However if you read the article, DuBroff makes a great point. Had the Orioles made it to the World Series for the first time in so long, would they not have wanted it to be in front of their home fans?

I would also submit that the Super Bowl is much easier to have at a neutral site given the fact that it’s only one game. The World Series being spread over seven would be more challenging. I would also submit that it’s a nice little impromptu boost to two cities that otherwise probably wouldn’t have gotten it.

  • Additional NY-area team – My first thought was a term out of Buck Showalter’s venacular: REALLY?! I can’t see how anyone outside of the greater-NY area would think that’s a good idea. Heck, with most people already firmly entrenched with either the Yankees or Mets in New York as it is, where would the fanbase from the new team be? Boras’ idea was to put this new team in Northern NJ, similar to the New Jersey Devils of the NHL. But as DuBroff says, I wouldn’t expect too much support for that from the existing NY teams.
  • While there will be some who will say that my own opinions on these matters reek of someone who’s overly-dedicated to tradition, I think that there’s a time and a place for everything. The All-star game deciding home-field advantage in the World Series was a step away from tradition – and I actually supported that. I suppose it just boils down to what you want out of baseball; but I’m not in favor of these things.