Baltimore Orioles: Giancarlo Stanton deal bad for MLB


Over the course of 14 losing seasons the Baltimore Orioles made a ton of stupid front office mistakes. It seemed that while they claimed they were in play for various big ticket free agents, they never really were. They would stand idly by and watch while the big names ended up north of here. That along with the fact that they put their trust in the likes of Daniel Cabrera, Sidney Ponson, et al instead, equaled 14 consecutive losing seasons. (And a reputation that believe it or not, the O’s are STILL trying to shake.)

However the Miami Marlins are about to make a front office blunder that could be just as poisonous as the many the O’s made – although in one fatal swoop. If Giancarlo Stanton signs for the reported 13 years, $325 million, it will be the biggest contract in MLB history. One

Courtesy of Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

might say that it would have far-reaching consequences for the league. However I would submit that the only consequence that will be paid in truth will be by Miami and their fans.

While the Marlins were competitive for part of the season this year, it always had the feel of fool’s gold. Since their last World Series victory, that franhise has flailed in the wind potentially more so than the Orioles ever did. In years when they were supposed to be good, they underachieved. In years when they rightfully should have been bad, they were worse. However the fact is that Stanton might be the best young player that the franhise has ever had. While I wouldn’t pay that kind of money for that long for anyone, the fact is that the Marlins are smart to try to keep him. So…how is this bad?

Miami has always had a limited budget. Quite frankly, I’m shocked that they’re willing to pony up that kind of cash with how their attendance has been since…well, forever. However do they have the ability to make that deal as well as to import the type of players around Stanton to make a run at the post season?

It’s awful funny to me that Stanton is only close to a deal. If that were me my signature would be on paper as soon as the offer was extended. So that tells me that Stanton needs to be convinced that the franchise can pay him that kind of money and still find other pieces necessary to win. But that aside, Miami will be on the hook for his salary for 13 years. If the ARod situation teaches us nothing else, it teaches us that you have to be careful with big contracts like this.

Ultimately, if the Marlins can’t afford to be competitive over the course of that period of time, not only will the franchise continue in mediocriy but it will get worse. And having a franchise with a new park in a market like Miami that can’t get it’s act together and is financially strapped is bad for MLB. The last thing they want is another situation like Tampa – in the state of Florida.

I will grant that for all we know they’re sitting on a pile of cash down there that we don’t know about. So perhaps they will in fact have the money to spend on more talent. But keep in mind that this is Miami we’re talking about; they’ve never really been willing to use the tools necessary to win on a big level. One might have also said the same about the Orioles…that is, until they decided to start using their Bucks to their advantage.