Billy Butler may be heading east to Baltimore


Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

After the 2014 ALCS, every Baltimore Orioles fan loathed every player on the Royals’ roster. However, they may have to change their outlook on one of these players as he may be coming to play for Baltimore.

Rumors are swirling that a team has offered Royals’ designated hitter Billy Butler a three-year, $30 million deal. The team who is rumored to have made this offer is none other than the Baltimore Orioles.

This would be a big signing in two ways. For one, Butler is a good hitter with home run capability. In the past three seasons, Butler has hit 53 home runs playing in Kauffman Stadium, one of the most difficult MLB ballparks to hit home runs in. He also is a player who hits with consistency. Since his Major League debut in 2007, he has never had a season where his batting average dipped below .271.

The second reason why this signing would be big is what it means for the 2014 Orioles’ designated hitter, Nelson Cruz. After turning down the Orioles qualifying offer of $15.3 million for one year. If the Orioles sign Butler to this three-year deal, then it is pretty much time for Baltimore to say goodbye to Cruz.

In 2014, Cruz batted .271/.333/.525 with a league-leading 40 home runs and 108 RBI.

Also in 2o14, Butler batted .271/.323/.379 with nine home runs and 66 RBI.

Cruz will be 35 years old this July while Butler will be turning 29 this upcoming April.

Although everyone in Baltimore loves Cruz and the incredible year he had in 2014, if these rumors about this Butler deal are true then it is pretty safe to assume Butler will sign with the Orioles. Playing in a ballpark like Camden Yards which is built for home run hitters will be almost as enticing as that big offer of $30 million dollars.

Dan Duquette is obviously not wasting any time in preparing his team for the 2015 season and this signing of Butler would be a great early signing leading up to the upcoming season.