Nick Markakis elsewhere besides the Baltimore Orioles?


Yesterday it was announced that Nick Markakis‘ agent, Jamie Murphy, would be attending this week’s GM meetings in Phoenix, AZ…on behalf of Markakis. Murphy has apparently set up meetings with representatives of several teams, none of whom are the Baltimore Orioles. So what does this mean? Should Orioles’ fans officially prepare for life without Nick Markakis? Who’s starting in right field next season?

Time, folks…time will answer all of those questions. But personally I chalk this up to an agent doing due diligence for his client. The Orioles obviously haven’t come to an understanding with Markakis as of yet, so Murphy would be doing his client a huge disservice if he wasn’t talking to other clubs. At one point I heard that the San Francisco Giants might be interested in Markakis, among other clubs.

While Markakis never developed into the power hitter the Orioles once felt he could, he’s been a valuable piece of the team for the better part of ten

Courtesy of Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

years. He’s also a fan favorite at Camden Yards, and I suspect that a lot of fans would be absolutely livid if the Orioles let him walk. It also matters the type of deal he might get from another team. If someone were to overpay him drastically, could anyone really blame Markakis for taking that offer? Everything has a price, including fan favorite players.

However I also think that Markakis is a guy that Orioles fans know they can take at his word. He’s said on numerous occasions that he doesn’t want to go anywhere else to play. He’s always been a stand-up guy in a sense, and fans should remember that. I see no reason why the two sides won’t work out a mutually beneficial contract that will allow him to stay in right field at Camden Yards for the foreseeable future – if not the remainder of his career.

Fans can tune into MLB Network at 6 PM this evening to watch the American League Manager of the Year award winner announced. We’ll have full coverage of the results tomorrow morning on Birds Watcher, however Orioles’ manager Buck Showalter is one of the nominees, along with Kansas City’s Ned Yost and Anaheim’s Mike Scioscia.

While we’re on the topic of awards, GM Dan Duquette was voted the Executive of the Year by the Sporting News. Orioles fas certainly hope this is a harbinger to Showalter’s award tonight.

On my own behalf as well as on that of our great staff of writers and the Fansided Network, I’d like to take this moment to thank each of our current service members, as well as our veterans. Veterans Day is one that we should all take time to mark, given the sacrifice that our military makes on behalf of our country. I’m a firm believer in the moniker that we’re all free because of the brave. There’s no greater advocate for our armed services than I, and they’re all assets to our country and our way of life.