Baltimore Orioles: Vote for Birds Watcher!


With the Baltimore Orioles being 2014’s AL East Champion, we thought we’d try to do something of equal stature here at Birds Watcher. As was previously stated, Birds Watcher was nominated for the second consecutive year for a Mobby Award (via the Baltimore Sun) in the category of Best Pro Sports Blog. The voting is now open, so we would encourage you to visit and vote for our column in that category. (Please note that you’ll have to scroll down the page a bit to find the category itself.)

Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

We’re very proud of being nominated at all, and on behalf of our great staff of writers as well as the Fansided Network I’d like to thank all of our great fans for their patronage once again. We wouldn’t even be on the map if not for you folks clicking onto our site every day, and as I said we sincerely do appreciate it. I read a lot of different columns and sites on a daily basis for lots of different teams nationwide, and out of every team out there the Orioles’ blogosphere has some of the fiercest competition. We’re honored to even have our name up there with the likes of the great competitors that we have.

Bearing this in mind, since everything now apparently has a hashtag campaign, we’d also invite you to talk on Twitter and Facebook about our nomination. So feel free to use #birdswatcher4mobby – those of you who know and correspond with me on a regular basis know that I’m a huge Twitter junkie, so we’d love to get that trending in Baltimore! And by all means spread the word; ask your friends, relatives, etc. to vote for us. They all count! The winners will be announced on November 19th; we’re honored either way, but we’d sure love to hear our name announced as Baltimore’s Best Pro Sports Blog! So do us a favor, and vote #birdswatcher4mobby.