Assessing David Lough’s performance in 2014


Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Orioles’ season is over and the pain of getting swept in the ALCS has subsided, we can start assessing players’ overall performances. David Lough was traded from the Royals to the Baltimore Orioles for Danny Valencia in last year’s off-season.

Initially there were thoughts of Lough taking over the leadoff spot in the batting order. However, anyone who follows the Orioles will tell you those thoughts were put to rest with Nick Markakis finding success all season batting first. In fact, Lough only batted first for three games all season long.

Lough never really had a set spot in the batting order. He actually batted multiple games in all nine spots of the batting order .

  • batting first- 3 games
  • batting second- 29 games
  • batting third- 10 games
  • batting fourth- 11 games
  • batting fifth- 13 games
  • batting sixth- 4 games
  • batting seventh- 13 games
  • batting eighth- 13 games
  • batting ninth- 16 games

In Lough’s 112 games, he batted .247/.309/.385 with four home runs and 16 RBI. In the first two months of the season, his hitting was lacking to say the least with a .172 average in April and a .133 average in May. However, he settled down and for the rest of the season he was one of the more consistent bats in the Orioles’ batting order. If you did not realize it, Lough’s batting average each month went like this for the remainder of the regular season: .296 (June); .400 (July); .333 (August); .357 (September).

Almost as impressive as this was Lough’s defensive ability. He made arguably the greatest Orioles’ defensive play of 2014 against the Royals in April. If you have not seen this incredible diving catch, click here.

In 2014, Lough played the majority of his games in left field. In 85 games played in left, he only committed one error and recorded four assists.

Although he did not get too much credit during the season, Lough did impress me throughout the year. It is extremely difficult to be taken out and put back in the lineup and expect to have any consistency with the bat. Nevertheless, Lough was for the most part consistent throughout 2014. His defense was reliable and his lightning speed was something rather rare on the 2014 Orioles roster.

Needless to say Lough may be a breakout star for the Orioles come 2015.