Andrew Miller: Should he stay or should he go?


Mandatory Credit: H. Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

After the World Series concludes, multiple players from the Baltimore Orioles will be hitting the free agent market. Two of the most important players the Orioles are concerned about signing are Nelson Cruz and Nick Markakis. That being said, Andrew Miller is a player who is just as important that people are overlooking this off season.

Acquired from Boston during the 2014 trade deadline, Miller solidified the Orioles’ bullpen as they headed into the later months of the season.

In 23 games, Miller pitched 20 complete innings with a 1.35 ERA, 34 strikeouts and a 0.600 WHIP.

Once the Orioles clinched the division and entered the Postseason, Miller was arguably the most successful reliever, besides Kevin Gausman.

Against the Tigers in the ALDS, Miller pitched 3 1/3 innings without surrendering a run or a base hit. In fact, the only base runner the Tigers had when facing Miller came off a walk.

After sweeping the Tigers, the Orioles switched their focus over to the Royals for the team’s first ALCS appearance since 1997. And Miller continued to dominate batters in the ALCS as well.

In a series where breaks for the Birds were hard to come by, Miller was one Baltimore had. Appearing in three of the four games, Miller pitched four complete innings. He struck out five batters and only allowed Kansas City two base runners when he was on the mound (base hit and hit by pitch).

His calm demeanor in the big games made him an even more viable free agent for teams looking to build up their bullpens like the Tigers who desperately need a few relievers.

Now with every MLB team interested, it is likely Miller will receive a four year deal possibly worth $32 million. The Orioles would not be willing to pay that much for him, but they should be willing to show him a good deal.

The guy is the most consistent pitcher in the Orioles’ bullpen bar none. Miller should be paid accordingly.