Who Will Start Game 2 of the ALDS?


Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

It has been advertised that Chris Tillman will start Game 1 of the ALDS. The question is who will start Game 2?

If the season were to end today, the Orioles would face the Tigers in the ALDS. In 2014, the Orioles were 1-5 when facing the Tigers. This losing record coupled with the first two games being played in Camden Yards make it all the more pertinent for the Orioles to win the first two games of the five game series.

That being said, I believe the starter for the second game of the ALDS should be Bud Norris. Norris is has the second-most wins (15) and strikeouts (139) among Baltimore starting pitchers. He also has the third-lowest ERA among the starters (3.65) and second-lowest WHIP (1.22).

Norris is not the guy you put all your money on for having an outstanding outing on the mound. However, he is the guy you rely on to be a grinder while on the mound. He will give up base hits and a couple of runs in a game, but he will battle through it and always have a “bend but don’t break” attitude while pitching. This is the exact mindset this Orioles team has had all season long.

Despite never pitching in the Postseason, Norris is the kind of guy who does not walk away from a challenge. And against the Tigers in his career he actually pitches rather well believe it or not. Detroit only bats .247 with a .282 on-base percentage when Norris is pitching.

Torii Hunter and  Miguel Cabrera are only 3-12 in their careers against Norris with Ian Kinsler and Victor Martinez doing the most damage against with a combined seven hits in 20 at-bats.

Despite not being a “lock down” pitcher, Norris will always give his team a chance to win whenever he steps out onto the field. And hopefully on Friday, October 3rd Buck Showalter will give Norris a chance to show that.

One last stat line to show Orioles fans– Norris is 8-2 this year at home with an impressive 2.44 ERA. (Sounds like a solid choice for Game 2 with all of Baltimore cheering him on)