Orioles Fans: Relish in the Moment


Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Orioles continue to hold the largest divisional lead in all of baseball. As of right now their lead is now 10.5 games over the Blue Jays. They have the most home runs hit in the Majors with 192 “round-trippers.” And their 28-13-7 overall series record in 2014 is the best in the Majors as well.

This 2014 Baltimore Orioles team is exciting to watch and arguably the best team in baseball at the moment. Fans have not seen such success with the Orioles since 1997 when the Orioles last won the American League East Division. After flying under the radar for the better part of the season, many baseball analysts are beginning to think the Orioles have a better than okay chance of winning the World Series this year.

Just three years ago, the postseason– much less a World Series– was just a distant dream for Baltimore baseball fans. In about three weeks, it looks like that dream is about to come into fruition.

With their 10-6 win over the Red Sox today, the Orioles’ “magic number” is now eight at the moment (seven if the Yankees lose tonight). All I ask is for Orioles fans to relish in this moment. People say you do not realize it was the good ‘ol days until after they are done. Well I am telling you these are the good ‘ol days. Appreciate the Orioles for who they are. Cheer on the players while they are on the team now because next year this team may have a totally different look to them with teams gunning for players like Nelson Cruz and Nick Markakis.

Even if there are plays that make you want to pull your hair out as a fan, don’t because this is the best team the Orioles have put on the field since near the end of the 20th century.

Let’s Go O’s!