Who Needs Arguing When There Is “Berry-ing”


Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Norfolk Tides have received a lot of publicity on Friday surrounding outfielder, Quintin Berry and what transpired in the top of the ninth inning against the Syracuse Chiefs on Thursday evening.

When Berry stepped into the batter’s box, the Tides were trailing the Chiefs by a score of 5-3 with only one out to go in the top half of the inning. After taking a strike, Berry singled on a dribbler that found a hole in between the third baseman and shortstop into left field.

Berry was safe easily. There was no throw made to first by Syracuse and it appeared like it was a clean single and Berry brought the tying run up to the plate. However, when the ball got back into the Syracuse pitcher’s glove, it appeared an altercation broke out at first base with Berry and the second base umpire who was over near first base.

The reason for the argument is still unknown although it may have been about a previous call made earlier in the game. Nevertheless, the broadcasters seemed as confused about what was going on as anyone who watched the video online. When they were trying to wrap their heads around what their argument was about, Berry began running around the bases (apparently after he was ejected from the game by the home plate umpire).

In broadcasting you never want to have dead air time. However, when Berry began to run around the bases, there was a good five seconds of silence which was interrupted by one of the broadcasters finally saying, “What’s happening?”

As Berry rounded third, he picked up his speed just to slide “safely” into home plate. When he bounced up, he gave the umpires one final piece of his mind and continued on walking into the dugout.

Berry appeared as though he did not care that he was thrown out of the game as he never turned around to argue and he just kept his head down, took off his batting helmet and walked through the dugout and into the clubhouse.

The broadcasters were in shock and awe with Berry’s display. “He’s leaving? Berry is leaving,” the one broadcaster said in a disgusted voice. The away crowd also showed their disapproval of Berry”s behavior with resounding “boo’s” filling the ball park.

Berry’s exit showed little respect for both the game and for his teammates and his coaches. Tides’ manager, Ron Johnson, commented on the incident after the Tides lost the game. When asked if he had seen a display like that before, Johnson stated simply, “I can’t say I have.”

Berry’s display certainly was a first. Although it was disrespectful and unnecessary, it certainly did turn a lot of heads. In fact, the video of him running the bases, as though he hit a home run, has gone viral since being put up on Youtube.

The original video currently has 112,588 views and has been featured on the Baltimore Sun’s website as well as USA Today, Yahoo, and Deadspin.

Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Even though the Baltimore Orioles organization will not find this video as humerous as so many of its viewers did,one thing is for certain, Berry’s display after the ejection was one of a kind. And as one of the broadcasters said, “That is one heck of an exit. Quintin Berry ladies and gentlemen…”

Just like “Tebow-ing” in football, “Berry-ing” may be the new thing to do for baseball players after their ejection from a game.

So if there are any baseball players out there and feel the need to continuously argue and fuss with the umpires after you get ejected from a game, try something new: The silent protest. Just run around the bases doing your home run trot and walk off the field. “Berry-ing” will certainly show the umpires up and it may even make you a viral sensation.