Baltimore Orioles rained out, and Manny Machado returns


The Baltimore Orioles had every intention of activating third baseman Manny Machado prior to what was supposed to have been last night’s game. The team, along with Machado, felt that he was ready to play once again at the big league level. However apparently mother nature had other ideas, as the game ended up being rained out. The mid-Atlantic region is in the middle of a deluge of rain that’s being dumped on the entire area. The Orioles announced that the game would be made up tomorrow night at 7 PM, which was a scheduled off day for both the Orioles and Pittsburgh.

However let’s not think that’s how things are going to go down in a sense – they’re calling for

Courtesy of Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

continual rain today also, which puts tonight’s game in jeapordy. (So Manny Machado has to be asking himself if he’s really meant to play for the Orioles right now!) The O’s haven’t announced anything with regard to contingency plans, however if tonight’s game is rained out there’s a good chance that they schedule a doubleheader for tomorrow.

The fact is that there’s nothing anyone can do about the weather. However if tonight’s game is postphoned the question becomes whether or not the team has been idle for too long. Players don’t like to have their routines interrupted, and short of the all-star break even a two-day break is unheard of. However you roll with the punches when you need to, and as I said nobody can predict the weather. Chris Tillman is scheduled to go tonight, against Pittsburgh’s Charlie Morton.

The O’s will be making another roster move after their next game (whenever that is), as Troy Patton‘s 25-game PED suspension will be over. Buck Showalter hasn’t indicated who will be sent out, however the fact is that someone in the bullpen will be forced back to Norfolk.