Join our Orioles writing team!


With pitchers and catchers reporting late next week, the off season is beginning to wind down. For those of us who breath baseball 24/7 and 365, that’s good news! So my question to you is would you or anyone you know potentially be interested in taking the plunge and moving from fan to writer? We’re always looking for talented writers who want to cover the Baltimore Orioles here at Birds Watcher, and we’d love to hear what you have to say about the team! Our staff writers are required to contribute a minimum of one article per week on the site. The topic and the timing of this article is up to you, so long as it’s relevant.

Having said that, the only real parameters are that the articles must be “professionally written”

Courtesy of Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

in a sense. There are plenty of similar sites out there which have writers that are encouraged to show some “edge” in their writing. We try our best to be fair and balanced here at Birds Watchers. When writing our articles we are not “fans,” but instead “unbiased reporters” in a sense. So when something good happens for the team we aren’t screaming from the highest mountaintop about how awesome “we” are, and when something negative happens we don’t get crass, overly critical, and surly. That’s how we fly here at Birds Watcher, and at the Fansided Network. In short, we don’t do the whole in your face type of reporting here.

If you might be interested in joining our merry group, feel free to visit and fill out our Fansided Application and we’ll be happy to review it. Any questions about the site can be directed to me via email at You can also tweet me, @DomenicVadala.