Baltimore Orioles: The final countdown for Arroyo


According to an MLB Trade Rumors report, the Baltimore Orioles are one of three “finalists” in the sweepstakes for free agent pitcher Bronson Arroyo. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizon Diamondbacks are the other two teams, and if this particular piece is any indication Arizona is a “slight favorite” out of the three finalists. I’m on record as predicting that the O’s will end up signing either Arroyo, Ervin Santana, or A.J. Burnett. At various points along the way, the Birds have appeared to be more looking at one of those three than the others. I’ll be honest in the sense that I’m surprised that any of them is still on the market. While they’re all far from pitchers in their prime, they do all have something to offer to various teams, including the Orioles.

Courtesy of Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

The Birds also signed free agents Jack Cust and Evan Meek to minor league contracts yesterday. Cust, an outfielder, and Meek, a reliever, were both signed without invitations to big league spring training. Call them depth moves in a sense. Cust, as you might remember, had a previous stint in Baltimore, famously tripping over third base in a game against the Yankees at Camden Yards.

I would also mention that yesterday former Oriole draftee Curt Schilling (more celebrated as a member of the Red Sox of course) announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer. I certainly wish him the best, especially given that I know the road he has ahead of him. While Schilling didn’t disclose the type of cancer he has, as the son of a cancer survivor I’ve seen first hand the suffering treatment causes. On behalf of Birds watcher and the Fansided Network, he’s certainly in my prayers.