Orioles’ wheelings and dealings


The Baltimore Orioles made a few ripples yesterday during their mini-camp in Sarasota, by inviting Jack Cust (also a former Oriole) and Delmon Young for a workout. Cust, you might remember, highlighted his brief stint with the O’s the first time around by tripping over third base while running the bases. For what it’s worth (and I’m going strictly off of memory here), that was in a late-season game against the Yankees that had to be moved up to a matinee due to an impending hurricane in the Baltimore area. Amazing what your mind recalls at times!

By the end of the day however, Young had actually signed a min0r league deal (with an invite to spring training). Young was the first pick in the 2003 MLB draft, by the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays. Young is expected to be yet another right-handed DH option for the O’s as they continue the march to spring training. Young has a career average of .303 against left handed pitchers, although he’s now one of many in a potential log jam in the DH slot. Nolan Reimold and Steve Pearce are also in that mix, which is of course also tied to the left field position.

Former Oriole Mark Reynolds‘ agent has also contacted the O’s about any potential interest in their client. I suspect that there’s some mild interest on the Orioles’ side, however it appears that Reynolds is not currently a top priority. My personal opinion is that the organization is looking for a clearer vision of Manny Machado‘s availability for the beginning of the season before making a move. Again this is pure speculation on my part, but I would think that the Orioles would try to land Reynolds on a minor league deal if at all. And to be frank, I think that Reynolds might have to consider that option (even with as many good points he has, including being a great clubhouse guy). Last year he signed a $5 million deal with Cleveland and was released in the middle of the season, only to end up in NY.

There were also reports yesterday that the Orioles were one of several teams requesting medicals on RHP Ervin Santana. Might the team be looking at signing him? He would probably be a good fit with the Orioles, and it would also explain the slew of low-level signings. Santana might not necessarily be a guy that’s going to bring you a title, but with teams like the Yankees in the mix and in need of starting pitching, the O’s might have to dig deep into their coffers to land someone decent. Stay tuned…